Connect with us

A great way to connect with our church is to become part of a Community group.  Whether you’re brand new to our church or have been with us for a while and still don’t quite feel connected, being part of a Community group is the beginning of that journey of belonging.  They are a great way to get connected and build relationships.


In our opinion it can be like an extended family.  They allow for time to reflect, connect with people and to discuss and apply the word of God to our lives.

We encourage everyone to be part of a mid-week group which meet together, usually in people’s homes.  We see these groups as a place where relationships can be deepened with each other, for us to learn from each other through a closer study of God’s word and to look deeper into applying the message of the previous Sunday’s talk to our daily lives.  


The groups consist of up to 10 people and are located in various parts of the city on different nights in the week.  We want to encourage everyone in our church to meet with at least one other person on a regular basis during the week, even if you can’t be part of a Community group.


We are constantly looking at ways to think ‘outside the box’ in terms of times, style and location of groups – this is a work in progress, more information in due course.  In the meantime, our current groups are:


Mums and Tots – Monday mornings – Leader: Zoë Hill

Churchtown - every 2nd Thurs - Leaders: Chloe and Paul Donnan

Dundrum – Monday evenings – Leader: Gordon and Sandra Pullen




Gordon and Sandra would be delighted to talk about community groups any time – feel free to contact them at and she’ll be happy to link you in.