287. Cityscape: Testimony & Perspective - Dilys Jones (10/06/18)

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Last Sunday, Dilys Jones continued our 'Cityscape' Series where we're exploring the lectionary's readings from 2 Corinthians and Ephesians by immersing ourselves in the stories of the cities of Corinth and Ephesus and applying what we learn to our community life in Dublin. In this second talk, she reflected on 2 Corinthians 4 and the importance of testimony and the eternal perspective.

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282. Invited To The Table - Outward Reaching - Rob Jones & Panel (29/04/18)

Last Sunday, Rev. Rob Jones continued our 'Invited to the Table' series by exploring the idea of being 'Outward Reaching', the second of the five values on which our Fresh Expression was based. As part of the talk, he interviewed members of our community about the outreach that they are involved in;

Dilys Jones - Mainly Music

George Griffin - Rathmines Women’s Shelter

Dave Donnelly - Paradoxology

Derek Switzer - Jobcare

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