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Sermon Series: One body, Many parts

A message from Rev. Rob Jones:
Happy Easter everyone! No I’ve not gone mad! For many we see Easter as just a day, but in actual fact, it’s a really important season of the Church year. Easter Sunday, from this perspective, begins a season in the church year that ends with Pentecost Sunday, the day we remember the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It’s called Eastertide. (“Tide” is an older English word that means “time” or “season.”) This meant, for example, that we’ll sing Easter hymns, not only on Easter Sunday itself, but also during worship services in the following weeks. It’s a seven week season set apart to celebrate the resurrection of Christ and its implications for our lives today.

The basic truth of Easter is simple, yet deeply profound. In the classic liturgy of the church, it’s this: Christ is risen! He is risen, indeed! On Easter Sunday, we celebrate this good news, rediscovering for ourselves what the earliest followers of Jesus realised on that first Easter Day all those years ago. Yet the implications of the resurrection are more than we can adequately ponder on one day. Every year, when I prepare my Easter sermon, I feel like I leave dozens of life-changing truths on the cutting room floor. There’s no way we could begin to probe the depths of Easter in a few minutes! We do our best to proclaim the basic truth of the resurrection and focus in on one or two truths of its consequences. This Easter Sunday, I spoke briefly about the ‘Joy of the Resurrection’. 

Therefore, this next 7 weeks, of Eastertide, provide us with an opportunity to see ‘the director’s cut’ of the Easter message of Resurrection, if you will. The season of Easter gives us a chance to reflect more broadly and deeply on the multifaceted meaning of the resurrection of Jesus. What might this involve? Well there are major themes, however one of the most important of these is about the church, in other words, us! This season of Easter is a perfect time for us in Holy Trinity to learn even more together about the uniqueness of this new body of Jesus expressed contextually in many parts, but called to unity. So, starting on May 5th, we will do just that in a new sermon series entitled One Body, Many Parts. It will be taught from Ephesians 4 and 1 Corinthians 12 by our Teaching Team, but also include new speakers from the body in Holy Trinity. We’re excited to learn together and look forward to maturing even further as the Spirt leads us deeper into ‘church as family.’

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