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Some call HT Youth a phenomenon, some say it's once in a generation, some even say if Jesus went to a youth group, he would go to HT Youth. These are all mere speculations but one thing that is for sure is that HT Youth is a space for youth to be known. In a world where you spend all day going with the flow and ticking boxes, Wednesday nights are time for youth to take a step away from this and spend time with God. Whether it's playing Empire, eating grapes, or hearing people share scripture, come along to the church and get to know the incredible leaders, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and meet other youth that are as great as you are.

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Holy Trinity Church, Rathmines!


Wednesday nights from 19:00 to 20:30!


Anyone from twelve to sixteen years of age!

If you have any questions feel free to give Joe Ambrose a buzz at or on 0851071899. On top of that, feel free to find any of our fantastic leaders Grace Marie, Dave and Mark among others, on a Sunday morning. We'd love to chat with you about coming along!