Our Values

Oak tree values.jpg

We use an Irish Oak tree to help demonstrate the values of our parish . Why? Because an Oak tree speaks of something Irish which is organic that grows into maturity over time. It gives a good visual representation to our five values, which will develop over time, like the various components of an Oak tree, to grow us into the church God wants us to be. Also the idea of using a tree ties in well to the scriptures that were foundational to our community , when starting out. We are also using the idea of an oak tree because once Ireland was covered in beautiful Oak trees, but many have disappeared over the years. This dynamic of reduction over time, is similar to the Christen message which was once rooted in our society, but now has reduced significantly. Finally, an Oak tree grows best in a forest and we want our church to be one that grows in its own unique way, but also is  part of  a forest of many other trees, plants, organisms, etc. that are bringing Gods love and new  life to our city.

So our vision is: 

Recover & Awaken.jpg